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Chicago Borders Store Begins Liquidation

The Chicago store at 150 N. State St. on Friday began selling books at 10-40 percent off



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    Borders Bookstore at 150 N. State St.

    Border's Bookstore Group began liquidating its stores on Friday, including the location at 150 N. State St. in Chicago.

    The group is planning to liquidate more than $700 million in inventory from its 399 stores across the country.

    The store is selling its inventory for between 10 and 40 percent off at the State Street location.

    "Everyone's online now, technology's the reason for this," said Mike Weaver of Chicago. "Paperback is obsolete, like the CD player."

    The group has four locations in Chicago, as well as several stores in Schaumburg, Wilmette and Oak Brook and other suburbs.

    Though the chain is closing its doors, some stores may stay open as Books-A-Million stores, as the company bids for leases and assets of 30 Borders stores.