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Big N' Tasty Is Down N' Out

McDonald's makes changes to its menu



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    While Illinoisans are fattening up, the McDonald's menu is slimming down.

    The Oak Brook-based chain has announced to its franchisees that it will be taking the Mac Snack Wrap and Big N' Tasty off its menus by the end of the year, according to a company memo obtained by Crain's Chicago Business.

    They'll be joining the big Arch Deluxe in the sky.

    Another big change to the menu will be a new breakfast item. Oatmeal is currently in test markets and is expected to fully launch in January.

    Considering poor sales, most customers won't even notice the missing items. Some locations only sell 10 to 15 Mac Snack Wraps a day, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    Surprisingly, the one-third-pound Angus burger has been selling very well, despite its higher cost. McDonald's sells 50 Angus burgers a day per restaurant, according to Crain's.

    Americans won't let a recession get in the way of their thick burger cravings!

    If customers still want to rebel against the bun, the Angus Snack Wrap will soon be available on national menus.

    Richard Adams, a former McDonald's executive, sees the move as an indication that the "burger wars" have met their demise.

    "They've kept the Big N' Tasty around as a competitor to the Whopper, in case they wanted to launch another burger war and put it on the dollar menu," Adams told the Tribune. "Then Burger King has to retaliate with 99-cent Whoppers. I think it's good that they get rid of the Big N' Tasty, so they're not tempted to do that."

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