Chicago’s Week in Review: Jan. 2-6

Chicago's Week in Review: Jan. 2-6

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<strong> Jogger Attacked by Pit Bulls |</strong><br>nA 62-year-old man was <a href="">attacked by two pit bulls</a> while jogging along Lake Michigan.
<strong> NYE Rape |</strong><br>n8 people might be involved in the <a href="">beating and rape of an 18-year-old-girl</a> on New Year's Eve.
<strong> 2012 Laws |</strong><br>nMore than <a href="">200 new laws took effect in Illinois starting Jan. 1 </a> starting -- including one the requires you to recycle your old cell phone or computer.
<strong> Jerry Angelo Fired |</strong><br>n<a href="">The Chicago Bears general manager was fired</a> by team president and CEO, Ted Phillips.
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<strong> Homeless Woman Becomes Social Media Celebrity |</strong><br>nAnnMarie Walsh gained <a href="">thousands of followers on Twitter</a> after sharing her story of being homeless.
<strong> Drunk & Asleep in Drive-Thru |</strong><br>nWalter Dixon and his friend <a href="">fell asleep while waiting for their turn at the Rock 'N Roll McDonalds drive-thru</a> on New Year's Day.
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<strong> Cop Issues Ticket, Then Asks for Date |</strong><br>nEvangelina Paredes filed a lawsuit against Stickney Police Officer Christopher Collins for <a href="">violating the Driver's Privacy Protection Act</a>.
<strong> Anti-G8 Protesters To Sue Chicago |</strong><br>nAnti-G8 protesters are planning on <a href="">sueing the city of Chicago over new rules governing public demonstrations</a>.
<strong> Man Gets Naked in Movie Theater |</strong><br>nEdward L. Brown <a href="">walked completely naked in front of an audience </a> who thought they paid to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked" at the Classic Cinema.
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<strong> Branch Libraries Closed on Mondays |</strong><br>nTwo months after Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced he found money to avoid cuts in library hours, <a href="">branch libraries announced they will now be closed on Mondays</a>.
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