Who “Gets” the Wide-Leg Look

Wide-leg pants are back, but how much so depends on where you're shopping. This week, Crains reported depressed sales at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, blaming the Philadelphia-based retailer's overzealous stocking of wide-leg denim and pant styles.

We thought we'd see how locals are taking it, so we headed to The Denim Lounge for some intel.

Wendi Gordon, owner, buyer, and chief fit expert at The Denim Lounge, said both locations are doing well with wide-leg jeans sales. "People are welcoming the idea of the change and wide-leg jeans are very flattering on all body types."

She didn't seem too concerned about the Urban Outfitters numbers, either. "As the article pointed out, Urban Outfitters' customer is not the trend setter but the fashion follower, so it may take a season or two for their customers to 'get it.' Our customers are more fashion forward and a variety of ages."

For the skinny-lovers, don't fret, Gordon says TDL hasn't ditched the skinny look altogether. "I think people are looking for a variation in their wardrobe and not totally abandoning the skinnies. Most people think of wide legs as a fresh look for spring/summer and want to get away from their skinnies being tucked into boots. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues into fall/winter."

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