White Sox Mascot Marching With Obama

With a supportive, new president in office, 'Southpaw' hoping for cabinet position

It's no secret that Barack Obama is a Chicago sports fan, and not one to mix words about his baseball fandom. In a town divided by its North-South rivalry, Obama didn't equivocate when he was asked about the Cubs on ESPN during his presidential campaign -- he called Cubs fans "not serious," roughly the equivalent of Bach to White Sox fans' ears.Obama is a serious Sox guy.

So it's probably unsurprising that the White Sox have remained a fixture of his campaign and, now, his presidency, from the White Sox hat he wore the day after his acceptance speech in Grant Park, to yesterday's emailed revelation by South side mascot "Southpaw," who marched in the inaugural parade today:

”I’m more than excited to be part of the historic inaugural parade for President-elect Obama and can’t wait to honor the world’s most famous White Sox fan,” Southpaw told Quick Hits by e-mail. ”Following the parade, I hope the president will find it in the country’s best interest to appoint me as the Secretary of Fun.”

Yes, you read that correctly: Not only is the White Sox mascot marching in Obama's inaugural parade today, but he is openly campaigning for a non-existent cabinet spot. And really, is Southpaw the most qualified mascot here? Should we not have a formal nomination process, as other cabinet positions do? The Philly Phanatic presents a serious challenge to the throne.

Anyway, if White Sox fans -- and Chicago people in general -- were afraid that Obama would abandon them once he moved to D.C., take heart. The man hasn't forgotten his roots, or the costumed-in-foam baseball mascot most likely to help his young children enjoy baseball. Smart guy, that Obama.

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