What Do You Think About Arizona's Immigration Law?

Protestors around the country are hitting the streets demanding immigration reform.

Last Friday, Arizona made it legal for police officers to queestion people about their immigration status if there were suspicions. Also, Governor Jan Brewer's signature also made it a state crime to enter the U.S. illegally.

However, the controversial law has plenty of support in Arizona.

About 70% of Arizona residents backed it while more than half worry it would lead to civil-rights violations, according to the Arizona Central.

What do you think?

"Last time I checked, sneaking into this country is ILLEGAL!! Illegal aliens use all the social services available in this nation and are a great drain on our federal budget. Once you choose to sneak in, you've broken the law!  Be you Mexican, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian, Polish, or Nigerian.  You are a criminal in my book and breed to be deported!" - Anonymous

"This law is aimed @ one race of people and does not solve any problem why is it that instead of adressing the issue we find the most hateful way to deal with something." - Les

"Asking to see one's papers sounds eerily familiar." - Kenneth

"Kudos to Arizona!!!  It makes me want to move there!  Finally, something is being done. You want to be here?  Be here LEGALLY.  What's so wrong with that?? Go Arizona!" - Jennifer

"The U.S. benefits from immigration far more than we lose. An aging population means that we should embrace greater levels of immigration. People don't come here because they want the "easy life." They come because they see opportunity to build better lives and in doing so, they will become economically productive members of our society - IF we embrace them as humans rather than as some threatening 'other.'" - W. Cecyl

"When are we going to acknowledge that this Arizona law is to stop ILLEGAL immigration. No one, Republican or Democrat is [saying] end immigration. What the people want is an end to ILLEGAL immigration. Every country in the world deports people who have entered their country ILLEGALLY and today's protesters want the US to end deportations." - Curtis 

"When my grandparents came here they had to do it legally. No one should get special treatment. if they want to come here they need to do it the legal way." - Anonymous

"It's simple moral issues....I am personally disgusted with this issue.  I would like to say to that gentlemen you showed on the news yelling about racism...it is a matter of enforcing the law...You cannot live in a country, work in country and have all the benefits of that country and not be legal." - Joanne

"My question is do they stop the immigrants from canada or the polish immigrants that live in arizona? Or is it if your brown you go down." - Dennis

"Illegal aliens sneak here and do all they can to NOT get caught.  Then they complain when they are deported and separated from their families.  I'm so tired that enforcing our laws seems to be a such problem for those who are here because they have broken our laws.  I'm glad the people in Arizona had the guts to make such a bold move.  I hope other states get it before Obama gives this country to the people who are here illegally and have not contributed one dime to it." - Lyn

"No matter what people will hate what happens...if immigrants are on the process of becoming legal leave em alone...but if they've been here 5 years or more and made no effort to become a citizen they have to get motivated somehow...i have a close immigrant friend that is here legally but it cost him around 6000 bucks for all the papers and stuff for him and his family...maybe we should make it a little easier and cheaper to become a citizen." - Benjamin

"I am a resident alien from Britain... I went to the effort and expense of entering the US legally - and no it wasn't easy or cheap...
If all other aliens entered the country the way I did, then they have nothing to worry about - alas the illegal entrants whether from Latino regions or otherwise have abused the system and brought about the immigration issues. Yes the system needs fixed - but it has been broken for a long long time and so will take a long time to put right." - Bill 

"The situation in Arizona, and other border states has reached critical mass.  These states need to be able to protect their citizens and control their state budgets. I have no problem with the new law in Arizona. Contrary to popular belief, Hispanics cannot be approached without reasonable cause, so this "racial profiling" shouldn't be an issue.  America doesn't need immigration "reform", we need to enforce the laws that are already on our books.  If the feds had been enforcing the law all along, Arizona wouldn't have to be forced into protecting themselves." - Lisa

"The Arizona law certainly opens up opportunity of law enforcement abuse, which is unacceptable. However, illegal immigration creates huge costs in health care and education which is ultimately funded by citizens and legal residents. Our laws need major reform, however I do not agree with any laws, such as the laws enacted in Arizona that would promote racial profiling. We have to find a better, more humane way to handle this." - Peggy

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