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Superdrag returns to Chicago this weekend (Saturday April 25th) to perform at The Metro with longtime Chicago veteran Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra and Van Ghosts. This show is in support of their new album Industry Giants, and follows on the heels of the recording of their Daytrotter session. In sound, this is very much the Superdrag you may remember from the late nineties, but lyrically frontman John Davis is taking the band in new direction. John had a life changing experience in 2001 that eventually sparked the bands four year hiatus and his new found faith is tastefully splattered though out this album. Don't get me wrong, Superdrag is not a Christian band, but there is a positive spirituality that sets a clear and refreshing tone.

Really Quick Contest! We have a pair of tickets to give away courtesy of Superdrag for the first person to email us at: contests (at) gapersblock (dot) com with the subject line "Super!". (FYI: This show is 18 and over.)

Recently, I was able to ask John a few questions about the direction of band and the new album.

GB: Industry Giants is the bands first official album in six years, what can you tell us about the new album?
John Davis (JD): Well, let's see...it's the first "proper" Superdrag album (not counting "posthumous" b-sides and rarities comps) since 2003...and it's the first record the original line-up has made together since 1998.

GB: The band reformed in 2007, what motivated the reunion and what has it been like to be back with Superdrag?
JD: I always felt like we had more work to do. I feel extremely privileged to be able to play this music with these 3 dudes.

GB: You had a life altering experience in 2001, has this change, this realization, effected the way you approach songwriting?
JD: November 11, 2001. It hasn't changed the way I approach songwriting at all. My heart's changed, though.

GB: The new album was essentially self-released. Do you feel this gives you more control over the process? Did you approach labels or did you always know it should be self-released?
JD: Yes, no question. We never intended to deal with any other label but our own on this one.

Check out the video for the first single from Industry Giants "Aspartame":

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