Stick With It, Champ


Two-thirds of Hey Champ originated from Rockford, therefore dooming the trio to a lifetime of Cheap Trick comparisons. Perhaps that's a small price to pay when considering their newfound success. Hey Champ was recently signed to Lupe Fiasco's 1st and 15th label, instantly catapulting them to "up-and-comer" status. They've also been touring with Lupe and blogging about the difficulty and excitement of it all.

So what's the big deal about these guys, anyways? For one, their music is a refreshingly catchy mélange of indie pop, rock, and dreamy synth sounds. Hey Champ manages to capture the "I just want to boogie" synthesizer sound and fuses it with a sleek guitar and drums that get your head bobbing. The end result will get just about anyone dancing in no time, including your grandma. Additionally, Hey Champ continues to work on their DJ skills. It's a safe bet to assume that their experience with banging dance anthems contributes to their musical versatility. Expect for these guys to remain cutting edge for a while.

Hey Champ "Cold Dust Girl" from shakedown.xl on Vimeo.

Come out to Moonshine on Thursday, November 20 to see a Hey Champ DJ set along with Dragon Wars (DJs A-Cup, Mother Hubbard, and Matt DuFour). Cover is free and show starts at 9 pm. 1824 N. Division St. Call 773.862.8686 for more info.

Hey Champ will also perform at Congress Theater on New Year's Eve. The super popular and Grammy nominated French duo Justice will also be there to bring the house down. 2135 N. Milwaukee Ave. Call 866.468.3401 or visit for more info.

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