ohGr @ the Double Door, 11-30-08


Sunday night, I headed out to the Double Door for a good dose of metal, and I got what I had hoped for. It was a unique night, though, beginning with a cab driven by the one and only Ray St. Ray, the Singing Cab Driver. Knowing that I was going to a concert for an artist whose work I am only marginally familiar with, I was a bit skeptical of the whole night. Of course, that seems to be how I look at every concert these days. Ray's songs got me in the mood, though. Honestly, if you're on your way to see ohGr, it's always best to start your night out with a cab driver who sings a large collection of songs that range in about "Love! Sex! Social Significance! Dreams!" (Or "Other!" as the case may be).

My cab drive completed, I was ready for the show. A little out of place at this one, but ready nonetheless. I missed the opening act but the packed house inside didn't seem too impressed with them. Most people there were yelling for ohGr to take the stage. Once they finally did, he did not disappoint.

When the concert began, the infamous figure of Nivek Ogre stood with his back to his audience. He looked like something out of a horror movie, with a giant, white costume attached to his back and a decidedly creepy mask that featured faces in both the front and back. Song by song, the costume was removed and eventually (after three layers of mask) we were face to face with ogHr. For showmanship, this man gets an A+. Taking the crowd with you on a journey through the length of a concert is an art, and ogHr is clearly an artist.

At one point, he helped himself to the cameras of the people in the front row to take some close-up shots of himself in his masks. Congratulations to the luckiest people in the house. His next lesson in audience participation took place during my favorite song on his newest album, "Feelin' Chicken." He displayed the pages of notebook paper upon which the lyrics were supposedly written to the audience; then after the song was over, Ogre flung the papers into the audience. Man, this guy knows how to keep his audience excited.

All in all, it was a really great show. I'd go see it again and again. I didn't take any pictures, though, because it's really difficult to get close to the stage at a metal concert. Honestly, have you ever tried?

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