Heading South to SXSW 2009: Blueblood, Day 3

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[The boys are taking a day off from shows today in honor of their Irish heritage, but here's a snippit of what they were up to yesterday as they rolled into Iowa.]

Chinese pizza? What? That's crazy talk. Or is it? Fong's Pizza in Des Moines Iowa is one of a kind. Delicious drinks filled with 5 different kinds of rum, a cute friendly staff and egg rolls filled gooey muzzerella [sic], red sauce sausage and pepperoni. Sound like heaven to me. Pitchers of Kirin Lager were flowing seamlessly throughout the night, as were the "kamikaze" shots our wonderful server had suggested. When you do the "kamikaze" shots you must wear a bomber helmet that Vong's supplies. And believe you me, you need it. The lemony goodness goes down so smoothly that rounds and rounds were ordered, which our server gladly participated in. All in all Vong's gets an A+ in food, friendly staff and wondeful drinks. Thanks Fong's you made our stay in Des Moines a happy one. Oh, and we played Vaudeville Mews.


<img src="http://gapersblock.com/transmission/bluebloodhelmet.jpg"

"A bomber helmet."

SXSW tour dates for Blueblood

March 13th- Milwaukee, WI, Frank's Power Plant
March 14th- Madison, WI, The Frequency
March 15th- Des Moines, IA, Vaudeville Mews
March 16th- Lincoln, NE, Box Awesome
March 17th- Kansas City, MO, (day off celebrating St. Pats.)
March 18th- Denton, TX, Dan's Silverleaf
March 19th- Austin, TX, Co-Lab Eastside Escape, 4pm
March 20th- Austin, TX, Brodown Hoedown II Day Party @ Back Alley Social, 2pm
March 21st- Austin, TX, Reggie's Chicago Day Party @ The Jackalope, 3pm

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