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Poster: Sarah Santi

Coupleskate today isn't exactly the same as Coupleskate a few years ago. The band has had some personnel turnover and, hence, an evolution in sound and aesthetic. 2006's Trophy EP doesn't seem like the natural predecessor to 2009's Don't Scare the Horses. The former has splashes of a lo-fi Archers of Loaf. The latter has been chiseled into a wrought piece of indie-pop reminiscent of a fuller Blood Red Shoes with hints of Metric (especially in the vocals) and maybe even some Redd Kross. "Laws of Physics" and "The Fringe" kick off the record with stomping beats and spiky guitars that demand a listener's attention. The title track and "Foreign Exchange" drop the musical intensity a notch, but the lyrics remain aggressive and snarky throughout. And there are some very dark moments here, especially in regard to the state of relationships, which makes it totally appropriate that they've decided to put out the album over Valentine's Day weekend.

On Friday the 13th at the Empty Bottle they'll play the new album from beginning to end, accompanied by Tiffany Kowolski and Mahjabeen Karim on strings. And according to them, "We might have a few [Valentine's Day] tricks up our sleeves." Jade Tree alumnus and Don't Scare the Horses producer Ryan Rapsys (Owls, Gauge) also performs as Euphone. Reds and Blue open, as well. The show starts at 10PM and admission is $8.

Watch "The Fringe":

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