The Perfect $8 Skinny Tie

Lakeview's Beatnix offers fashionable items at fashionable prices

The current economic slump makes it all-too-easy to find "Sale" signs dangling above clearance bins, perched on beechwood shelves, and stenciled in white bold letters on storefronts.

However, despite the sales and the Fata Morgana that you, too, could walk with a three-piece YSL suit for a dollar (hint: prepare to hear "So sorry, we actually just sold the last one"), many of the truly desirable items are still overpriced.

So it was a bit surprising, but highly welcoming, when we found just the right skinny tie at the full retail amount of eight dollars (a.k.a., the price of two venti Starbucks lattes) -- at Lakeview's uber-fun Beatnix

The tie may not be made of the finest Chinese silk worms, or carry a hand-stitched label that no one can see, but it sure can compliment any designer outfit. Pair it up with a skinny white button-down and a hip sweater-vest, and your outfit will say "what recession?" as you walk into a room looking like a million bucks.

Shlomi Rabi is a member of the NBC Chicago Street Team.

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