Bringing the Little Black Book Back

Speed dating event emphasizes quantity over quality

Back in the day -- we're thinking perhaps in the '70s -- singles often kept a little black book with the digits of all their potential dates, and perhaps a star system to denote the qualities of said person. Think Larry, Jack Tripper's best buddy from Three's Company.

The idea seems kind of quaint nowadays. Your "black book" may still be black, but chances are it's an iPhone or something similar. But the local dating and entertainment web site is bringing the black book back at an exclusive dating event.

The Little Black Book Race will be held in the Beer Garden at Fizz Bar & Grill (3220 N. Lincoln Ave) on July 23. Starting at 8 p.m., all participants will have two hours to mingle and collect as many phone numbers as possible.

The guy and gal with the most numbers when time runs out receives a certificate for their own private wine tasting event valued at $350, as well as a certificate for dinner for two at Fizz.

And don't even think about cheating. Participants must register with the event hosts upon entry, and each black book entry must have the person's name, phone number and hometown.

If you need a dose of liquid courage, vodka lemonades are $4 for the ladies and High Life bottles with a shot of Jim Beam are $5 for the fellas.

Look at it as the one time in your dating life when you can truly justify quantity over quality.

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