Tavi to Run Her E-Zine Independently

Eight months ago, the fashion blogosphere's youngest darling, 15-year-old Tavi Gevinson, revealed that she was planning to partner with Jane Pratt on a magazine for teenage girls. But now WWD reports that the Oak Brook blogger has decided not to launch her e-zine with Say Media, the company responsible for Pratt's site launch.

"I would love for her to be involved, but right now it’s something that has to be worked out between her and Say," the Style Rookie blogger shared with WWD by phone from France. “It was just that I want to have full control, and it’s important to me that we’re independent, not so that we can be indie and ‘down with the Man,’ but because I find a lot of comfort knowing that it’s all in my control,” she added.

While Pratt's new site, xojane.com launched in May, Gevinson's, to be called Rookie, is set to launch its first monthly edition in September.

For our part, we're glad of the news. We love both Jane and Tavi, so two e-zines will be twice as nice. And the spunky Tavi does seem like a gal who can take on her own business with savvy and sense. Cheers to both!


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