Swinging Ed Swiderski's Steamy Emails Hit the ‘Net

Full text emails reveal tepid interest in Jillian

Ed Swiderski never took “The Bachelorette” seriously.

That’s just one of the revelations coming from the full text of those steamy emails with two of his exes that landed him in hot water earlier this month. The full email exchanges were released onto the ‘Net Monday, Us Weekly reports.

“You know I never took this thing seriously,” an email to former flame Bethany Steffen states. “In addition, I’ve let the Director know that I would be doing the show for the wrong reasons as I am not, in any way, attracted to the chick.”

Ed told his other gal pal, Lindsey Johnson, that he wasn’t into the show and that he was constantly thinking about her.

“Honestly I have not had fun since I’ve been here … it really has nothing to do with [Jillian] anyway. In fact we only have seen her a few times. I think about you all the time and can’t wait to see you.”

Another one to Lindsey Johnson says: “I’m going to molest you when I get home. Can you pick me up?”

Johnson’s replies reveal a woman in love.

“I can’t do this, ed. I’m sick to my stomach constantly. If you’re going to be there longer u HAVE to tell me asap. It’s not fair.

“You promised 2 weeks. Promised. She doesn’t deserve to have ur attention any longer. This isn’t right. You being there isn’t right. How r u pretending? Are u pretending? Come back to me. Please. Screw f’ing abc. If you want to come home to me it shouldn’t be that hard. Should it?”

Swiderski and “Bachelorette” Jillian Harris continue to say publicly that they don’t believe the emails, but the veracity of the exchanges doesn’t seem to be in question.

Harris said all is fair in love and war. 

“What did he do wrong?” Harris asks. “My biggest concern is with everything that happened after the day we got engaged, and after we got engaged he has been so open with me. He’s told me all of this, every little text message and every little phone call. I use his computer. I know that any communication he had with the girls post-show was platonic. I’m not worried about it.”

Swiderski didn’t seem too worried either. When reality TV blogger, RealitySteve, told the Chicago bachelor  that he was going to take the messages public, he said, “Go with it, Steve-O.”

"After all, God put you here to report on reality TV, and that's certainly something to be proud of. It's your duty!"

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