Snag Some Summer Spa Deals

Pampering on the cheap


Summer means calloused feet, sunburned skin and sweat-inducing breakouts. But calm yourself, help is on the way and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Check out these deals around town on spa treatments for this summer. You’ll be back in beach-ready condition in no time.

  • If there’s one thing women can’t skimp on during the summer months, it’s a bikini wax. Avoid a bikini-ridden embarrassment and stay on top of the Brazilian. The Spa @ Equinox is offering a discount on their waxing services now through Labor Day. Get waxing services for the underarm, bikini and legs at 20 percent off.
  • If summer leaves you with less time to hit the spa, go for Dana Hotel’s Lunchtime Quickie; Get a mini manicure and mini pedicure for only $40 during lunchtime (from noon-2 p.m.)
  • Also at the Dana, indulge in Happy Hour at the Spa. Sadly, this doesn’t include alcohol, but it does include 10 percent off if you book a service between the oh-so-happy hours of 5-7pm, Monday-Friday.
  • If reversing the signs of spending too much time at North Avenue Beach is on the agenda, head to Spa Space in the West Loop, where they’re running a deal on their Environmental Rescue Facial for $100 ($15 off). The treatment uses all organic products to relive skin of sun damage, pollution and stress and reverse hyper-pigmentation, so we’re thinking after such a facial, we’ll be glowing like the stars.
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