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Help local shops while buying holiday gifts


Whether you’re looking for a holiday outfit for one of the million parties coming up this winter, or you’re shopping for the perfect gift, there’s many options to choose from. Sure, you can shop online and with one click be done with your entire list, but we’ve got something in store that’s a little more fun than that.

It’s called Garmental, a site focusing on daily fashion inspiration from independent, local Chicago designers.

It’s obvious that the economy is still not back up to speed, and many local businesses are suffering from it. So this year, help out Chicago boutiques while shopping by using this unique site. 
Garmental uses a list of more than 20 city/suburban boutiques and designers on their roster (including Fix Boutique, Perchance, Cerato, Allikat, and Sarca), to pull a different outfit to feature each weekday.  The daily, locally-available looks keep independent retailers at the forefront of the style scene and—in addition—keep Chicagoans looking fashionable as ever.  
Check out a new look each day, along with past looks in the archives (affectionately called “the Closet”), which lets you search for style by Chicago neighborhood, boutique and general price point. From the filtered search results, searchers can hover over the options to see thumbnails, as well as print the lists that they come up with.
Plus, the fact that you got it at a local boutique means not everyone and their mother will have it this year. Just another of the many bonuses of local shopping.

Kim Peiffer is the founder of The Glow List, an online magazine dedicated to fitness, beauty, healthy eating, spa and travel.

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