“She'll be getting postcards from the road”

The headline is a lyric from the song "Fins" by Jimmy Buffett (although I'm sure some of you have been to dozens of Buffett shows and never knew the lyrics.). It's true for our now former producer Cassidy Hubbarth.

Today was her last day and it was a bittersweet one in the Traffic Lounge. We're all happy she'll get a shot with FSN South and their show SEC Gridiron Live (check out their Facebook page). However, we'll miss her because Dance Friday won't be the same. She was a good traffic producer, caught everything on the scanners, and followed up on a lot of things we may not have thought of. Most of all, she was the nicest person in the room.

Why am I talking in past tense? We'll just have to send her a postcard! "Wish you were here, it's going to be 97 on Sunday." Anyway, she's going to be a superstar, and I've reserved a front seat on the bandwagon.

**You may have noticed just plenty of weirdness today:

5:05 - Traffic Lounge decorations. We had fishnets on the monitors with seashells and starfish attached. There was a beach ball, lays, a parrot and a marlin. A coconut bra (more on that later). Plus, oh yeah, a huge inflatable tree! I stood next to it for every report, and had to duck under it on my way back to my desk. Righthand Man Jim nearly passed out trying to blow that thing up in the 4AM hour
5:55 - Gifts for Cassidy. Because nothing says we'll miss you like a Slap Chop! Plus, some cupcakes from Sweet Mandy B's. They're over on Webster in Lincoln Park. Look 'em up and go say hi!
6:05 - I ask Rob and Nesita advice on how to put on the coconut bra. I get chuckles, but little actual help.
6:35 - Jim strolls thru the shot with a lottery ticket and a hawaiian shirt. His margarita glass was empty, but it'll be full tomorrow at the show at Toyota Park
6:57 - Dance Friday time!

It was the silliest of them all. Check it out here.

By the way, Fantasy Costumes came thru again! They're the best and all the stuff we picked up is from their store on Milwaukee Ave. They're open all year round! Plus, you can check out their website right here.

**Before that, we gave away Buffett tickets and one of our stagehands dressed up in a coconut bra and grass skirt. He was told "If you do that, you'll get tickets." I wasn't sure if he got them or not, but the outfit was, well, special to say the least. I hope I never see it again.

But I put mine on half ass, and no one noticed. (See I wore and I didn't, ah ha!)

**The "goatee" is going bye-bye. I'm shaving it later today. You'll forget I had it when I return next Monday. To all those who liked it, I'm sorry, but I like eating without checking to see if anything got caught in the fuzz. If you didn't like it, it's probably because you saw my natural hair color: Redneck. I look like an extra in Over The Top when I don't have my hair product in and the goat in full bloom.

**Lollapalooza is underway, but there's a lot of other events going on. Sox and Indians at the Cell this weekend, Bears practicing at Soldier Field tomorrow followed by the Chicago Machine's home finale at 7pm (I'll see you there for that one). Carribean Festival in Union Park, Wrigleyville Summerfest at Roscoe and Seminary, minor league baseball at Wrigley Field and oh yeah, the Bud Billiken Parade is Saturday too.

**Last but not least, I'll be in Geneva late this afternoon for "Viva Geneva" to help raise money for the Geneva Academic Foundation. If you love shopping in Geneva (or maybe your mom loves to) then come out for great deals on State Street and 3rd Street. Money raised goes to benefit scholarship funds and school programs. Plus, raffles, silent auctions, the whole thing, and come say hi to me. Read more in this week's Geneva Republican (it's a "small" publication)

Have fun driving around this great city of ours.

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