Save Your Pennies; Give Dollars to the Fountain

You may be tempted to toss a handful of change into Buckingham Fountain to make a wish, but save your change. The fountain needs your cash, and now you can make your donation online to restore the majestic old fountain to its original state.

Created in 1927, the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain has endured 80 Chicago winters in the great outdoors. As we all know too well, some of those winters have been exceptionally brutal and hard on the old fountain. The plumbing system is suffering from corrosion, and the lower basin is cracked and has concrete damage.

Why save the fountain? The iconic structure holds many memories for residents and visitors of Chicago. Marriage proposals have been accepted next to its lower basin, marathon runners have celebrated their races here, and it is a beloved Grant Park landmark.

Call 312-742-4808 to make a donation to restore the fountain, or visit the Restore the Fountain web site sponsored by the Parkways Foundation to make a donation online.

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