Prohibition: Still Making Headlines!

Room21 Cracks Open Its Wine Vault

The repeal of Prohibition is still making news 75 years later. The Twenty-First Amendment was ratified on Dec. 5, 1933, allowing alcohol to flow freely through the land once again. But, as we now know, it never really stopped. Speakeasies and other hideouts kept the liquor biz on the DL, allowing "entrepreneurs" like Al Capone to make a fortune off of bootlegging.

Dig into Capone's stash when Room 21, a South Loop restaurant located in a building that formerly housed Capone's largest liquor warehouse and speakeasy, cracks open its wine vault. Jerry Kleiner's restaurant will offer high-end wines for a fraction of their retail prices, such as Duckhorn, Frog's Leap, Paul Hobbs and Silver Oak. Wines that usually sell for upwards of $200 will be on offer for $100 to $200 a bottle. Selections will rotate weekly; interested parties can call Room 21 and ask what's on the "Vault List" for the week.

Just don't publicize your haul -- let 'em think you paid retail.

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