Presidential (Wine and Chocolate) Pairing

Eno offers Prez-to-be Obama's (alleged) favorite wine-and-chocolate duo

Everyone seems to have an opinion on what Barack Obama likes to eat and drink. Or maybe that's only here in Chicago, where we obsess about food and restaurants and who's likes to eat where. Regardless, when these assumptions can benefit us, his hungry constituency, we're all for it.

Eno at the InterContinental Chicago will be offering the "Presidential Pairing" to honor Barack Obama (and his favorite bubbly and sweet treat) from Jan. 20-23. Got any guesses what soon-to-be President Obama likes to indulge in? According to Eno, it's Graham Beck Brut and Gail Ambrosius' dark chocolate-covered caramel topped with fleur de sel. The guy's got taste.

You'll get a glass of brut and a piece of the caramel candy in the "Presidential Pairing," which is offered for $15. Unless you know Obama's secret service code name. Tell an Eno wine manager and get the Inauguration Deal for $10.

Our guess for his code name is "How Does He Stay So Slim?".  

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