Oak Park Tween Blogger Takes On Fashion Haters

Tavi Gevinson hits NY Fashion Week

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Apparently in the dog-eat-dog fashion world, it's OK to pick on a kid.

At least that's what we gather from some of the backlash against 13-year-old Oak Park fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson.

Gevinson made waves last year for the astute observations on her blog, but now some of the grumblings among fashion scenesters are getting louder.

And like any good fashion fight, a controversy has brewed over a hat -- specifically a large bow Tavi wore while sitting in the front row at the Dior couture show last month, prompting tweets from fellow attendees (probably sitting behind her) calling it "outrageous" and that they were "not best pleased."

It seems not everyone who's been scratching and clawing their way toward making a name for themselves in the fashion world is happy about all the attention this precocious kid is getting. Tavi is now writing for Harper's Bazaar, appeared on the cover of popular British magazines Pop and Love and also did a video for Target.

She's currently at New York Fashion Week appearing at many of the popular shows (often front row), interviewing celebs on camera, and hanging out with famous designers.

As for the "haters" taking shots at her? In a blog posting, Tavi blamed it on the "tired Bloggers vs. Editors thing," and called out those with "diarrhea of the pen."

"I'm going to New York on Saturday. I will be wearing some more hats. If you happen to be sitting behind me and you'd like to be able to see, just ask."

Looks like school is definitely back in session.

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