Not-So-Naked Fitness

A new approach to getting a dream bod


Those who have ever spent some time in a gym locker room have probably come to the conclusion that having a nude gym would be -- well, frightening, above anything else.

But exercising in the buff is not what Chicago trainer, NBC Chicago contributer and fitness expert Andrea Metcalf is asking of you in her new book, “Naked Fitness,” contrary to what it seems. 
Metcalf says Naked Fitness is about stripping away all the clutter that stops you from getting your wonderful, beautiful body into the best shape possible, who has been featured on The Today Show and
It’s about breaking down barriers and fears that keep us from becoming motivated and therefore able to achieve success. Metcalf claims that success is rooted in learning how to move your body without pain and focus on alignment -- which has a direct impact on health.
Metcalf introduces “Dailey Ten” routines, which are specific for each individual and focus on getting the spine in perfect alignment, helping you no matter what your goals are -- weight loss, better health or even more sleep.
Here's to a new year of weight loss -- and to keeping our clothes on at the gym.

Kim Peiffer is the founder of The Glow List, an online magazine dedicated to fitness, beauty, diet, spa and travel.

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