North Side Sushi That'll Leave You Im-Pressed

Sushi Mon offers unique twist on sushi

Head to any neighborhood in Chicagoland and you're bound to run into at least one or two sushi spots. Eating sushi is as common as grabbing a turkey burger or cobb salad. It's tasty, healthy and in many cases, affordable.

But not all sushi is made the same. Case in fact is Sushi Mon's "pressed sushi," the only sushi of its kind in Chicago, but popular overseas.

The method was created by a certified sushi wizard named Bat (you know he's the real deal if he only goes by one name).

Bat honed his sushi skills in L.A., and after a stop in Naperville, brought his creativity to the Linoln Park area three years ago. His pressed sushi consists of compressed rice, and ingredients such as avocado, slices of succulent fish and tasty sauces.

To experience the true flavors of the pressed sushi, Bat suggests that you try his creations without soy sauce. If you insist on using soy, he suggests using just a dribble, as using too much will destroy the delicate nature of his creations.

Pressed sushi favorites include "Salmon Bliss," which is made with salmon, seaweed, masago, avocado, and sesame seeds; the "Chicago," which consists of crab, unagi, avocado, masago and spicy mayo; and the "Crazy," with salmon, tuna, ebi, wasabi mayo, wasabi tobiko, avocado and seaweed.

The menu also allows sushi lovers to create their own pressed sushi. Sushi Mon (2441 N. Clark St.) still has the usual Sushi Nigiri and Sashimi selections along with a number of appetizers and salads.

The average cost for pressed sushi rolls are $12, but other rolls range between $3.50 - $6.95 per roll. If you're in the mood for cocktails, be sure to bring your favorite bottle of sake or wine, because Sushi Mon is BYOB.

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