Pump Up Your Peepers

The Ultimate Treatment for Eyes


Whether your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, get a new job or simply stop chewing with your mouth open, we all want to be better in 2011 -- inside and out. And sometimes it starts with how we feel on the outside.

Enter Urban Eyes, a mac-daddy treatment for your peepers, available at Exhale Spa. A brow wax alone can change the whole look of your face, but this treatment will leave you feeling like a whole new person -- or at least leave you with a little more confidence, at the least.
It starts with a brow wax, where expert aestheticians rework the shape of your eyebrows to give you the perfect shape for your face.
Then it’s on to a brow tinting to give a more natural looking color to the brows. Within the hour, you’ll have your eyelashes curled with a gel-based solution, eyelash tinting and more, leaving you feeling like new for 4-6 weeks.
Now, if we could only commit to going to the gym, we could really get a handle on 2011.
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