Midday Stampede: Derrick Rose Visits His Teammates

Derrick Rose showed up at the Berto Center today to start on his long road back.

Rose Visits
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Tuesday night's Game 2 against the Philadelphia 76ers will be the first of many games the Chicago Bulls will have to play without their superstar and leader, Derrick Rose. 

The team played over a third of the regular season without him, but always under the assumption that he'd be back on the court soon. But the reality is different now. Rose won't be back in action for a while and now the team must adjust their mindset accordingly. 
Everyone, from the players to Tom Thibodeau, are all saying the “right” things with regard to being without D. Rose, but on Tuesday night, it becomes real. The psyche of the team will be put the test and whatever success they have through the remainder of this season and into the next, will be tied directly to their mindset.
Derrick Rose's mindset as he prepares for surgery and a long, grueling rehab will be just as important. 
He showed up the Berto Center this afternoon, presumably to keep his own spirits lifted, but also his teammates and just leaving his house is a positive sign in itself. An injury like the one Rose suffered can cause people to draw into themselves and wonder why it had to happen to them. But Derrick Rose has always maintained an air of positivity about him and it'll be put to the test over the next six to eight months.
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