Michigan Avenue Never Smelled So Good

Nordstrom Unveils New Exclusive Scent

Originating all the way from Norway and exclusive to Nordstrom, Laila gives Michigan Avenue a scent of feminine wildflowers. Geir Ness is the creator of this nose turner.

Usually known for their incredibly wide range of majestic shoes, Nordstrom hits the bullseye once again with Laila, but this time in a different section of the store.

L'Art Du Parfum (located behind cosmetics), is where Laila graces the shelves with other elite designers.

"Every woman deserves to smell sensual, feel powerful and a unique blend of rare herbs and natural oils creates this alluring fragrance," Ness says.

It's no surprise that Laila has teamed up with the number one specialty store on the magnificent mile to make such a strong statement. The products range from Hand & Body Cream, Deodorant and a Body Bronzer with reasonable prices ranging from $22 - $95 that can only be found at Nordstrom.

In honor of Breast Cancer Month, Ness has created a pink bottle with proceeds breast cancer research.

Ness attended the recent Nordstrom Trend Show and talked about what makes his fragrance so unique.

For more information, visit www.nordstrom.com or call (312)464-1515.

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