Mud On Your Face

Get down and dirty with Amazonian Clay

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You just spent the weekend at the beach. It was hot, it was humid, and you sweated your ass off.

Now that Monday morning has rolled around, your skin looks clogged, congested and less than stellar. Enter Kiehl’s new Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Collection, a new regimen of four products that purify and detoxify the skin, minimize the look of pores, and help keep your skin matte toned, even through the sultriest of days and nights. 
The "miracle" in the collection is Amazonian White Clay; an environmentally-friendly, fair trade ingredient gathered at the mouth of the Amazon River in South Africa at the beginning of the dry season, after months of being nourished by the leaves, fruits and seeds swept down the river from the rainforest.
So who really cares? You should, because the clay will de-clog and re-purify your struggling mug. The clay is known to remove dirt, toxins, excess oil and dead cells that can clog skin and result in enlarged pores.
That's a fine excuse to get down and dirty as far as we're concerned.
Available at Kiehl’s, 907 W Armitage Ave at Freemont; 773.665.2515 or online at
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