Madonna's Sweet and Sticky Adoption Tour

Material Girl presses ahead with adoption efforts

The ultimate Material Girl has been denied access to Hollywood's latest accessory -- a beautiful exotic child. This week, various news outlets reported that she's stepped up her efforts to adopt a 3-year-old orphan from Malawi.

It's not a complete shock. Madonna was confronted with similar controversy when she adopted her first Malawian child, David, in 2006.

The question of residency seems to be the sticking point, but Nelson Magombo, director of ministry of information for Malawai, stated that the reason was also "because Madonna is a single mother."

Excuse me? Throughout time, single mothers have raised healthy, loved, and good citizens of this world. And, you'd imagine, the vast majority have done so without the added benefit of Madonna's estimated $500 million kitty. So, what's the issue?

Judging by Madonna's activism in her son's country, she is committed to not only her son, but also his heritage. Madonna's charity, Raising Malawai,, has already helped the suffrage of 1 million Malawain orphans, many of whose parents died of AIDS. Clearly, she remains committed to the country from which her son and possible daughter-to-be are born.

Madonna is an easy target to question and crucify. Numerous blogs are lit up with snarky comments on her ethics based on her persona over the years.

Yes, this is a woman who has set the stage for criticism by bankrolling her career as a sexually explicit artist. But what does that say about her ability as a mother? And in that sense, how would adding Guy Ritchie to the family equation make it any more kid-safe or secure? Have you seen Snatch?

Providing a home that has already been determined as a safe place for a child to thrive, is a gift. Why deny that? The President Mutharika of Malawi has said, "I wish someone had come and taken 10,000 Malawian children because then I would know that 10,000 Malawians would have better education and opportunities."

Obviously this sensational story wreaks of celebrity and access, but let's all take a step back. Take away the drama of the world stage and it becomes pretty simple. It's simply about giving a deserved home to a little orphaned girl, so aptly named Mercy.

Laura Baron is an NBC 5 contributor, a lifestyle consultant and a relationship expert. Learn more about her at

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