Wheaton Kid's “College Life” on MTV

UW-Madison is backdrop for MTV's new "real" show

Remember what it was like as a college freshman? Imagine reliving your first year ... on TV.

A Wheaton native is one of eight University of Wisconsin-Madison students chosen to show and tell their life experiences in MTV’s new show, College Life.

Jordan, a 19-year-old freshman, was approached to be on the show via Facebook. After his auditions and trial period with the camera, he was given his assignment -- to film his life in college.

What sets Jordan apart from his cast-mates is his passion for playing music, writing and his Jamaican and Canadian heritage.

MTV touts the show as the next level in reality programming. College Life has no directors, scripts, or camera crews, just whatever footage the freshmen and sophomores filmed of their own lives. Dating drama, drinking, and school stress are just some of the experiences students face on the show. One unscripted moment involves Jordan getting a tattoo that he knows his dad won’t be happy about.  In another, he hides the condoms in his room before his mom comes for a visit.

“I think it’s the freedom that really helps, because I’m not the biggest fan of reality television," Jordan said. "But I hope that the show influences reality TV as a whole, and people start to take this route more often when they’re creating new shows."

Some students may find it hard to leave home, but Jordan seems to take it easy.

"I’m 2.5 hrs from home, it’s not too big of a difference. The town I grew up in is predominantly white and there’s not a whole lot of diversity, so there’s more diversity here, which is great even if I’m not on any college campus,” he said.

While in school, Jordan stays in Madison, but always enjoys coming to Chicago. He even made a special trip home for Obama’s acceptance speech at the 2008 Presidential Election.

“It was so amazing to be there when it actually happened … not to mention I didn’t really stick out with the camera because about every other person there had a video camera videotaping that,” Jordan said.

When thinking about his hometown of Wheaton, he keeps tabs on his favorite sports teams. “Don’t worry, I’m not a traitor. I’m a Bears fan through and through, and White Sox fan,” he said.

To get to know more about Jordan’s freshman experience, check out MTV’s College Life, premiering Monday, April 13 at 9:30 p.m. CT.

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