Graham Elliot Joins Jane's Addiction At Lollapalooza

Chef will cook for headliner

Chef Graham Elliot Bowles headlines at his namesake River North restaurant most nights of the week.

Now, he's been asked to take his show on the road for a few days at Lollapalooza. More specifically, he'll be cooking for show's headliner, Jane's Addiction.

On the menu, what Bowles described as a "heartland picnic." We think he'll be cooking with his pants on, unlike his You Tube performance we featured last month.

Even if you're not a member of the band -- or if you've had a hard time getting a reservation at his restaurant -- you can still enjoy some of his signature dishes at Lollapalooza (in case you've lived under a rock, it's in Grant Park August 7-9). Watch your favorite band's tunes with a little Parmesan/truffle popcorn or one of his lobster corn dogs with lemon aoli.

Thanks to Bowles, eating food on a stick can be chic.

Two last plugs: We'd be remiss in not mentioning Bowles role in the finals of "Top Chef Masters" on Bravo (owned by NBC) and Lollapalooza winning's Golden Local Debate over Pitchfork.

Shameless, we know.

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