Villan/Hero Plot Goes Bust

Feeling ignored? Don't try this guy's plan

His efforts to get attention from a female co-worker were ignored once too often, police say, so an employee at an area hospital hatched a plan to go from villain to hero to impress her.

In the end, Donquila Butler, 29, a hospital security guard, wound up in jail after the damsel in distress realized her attacker and “rescuer” were one and the same.

Police said Butler waved to the female employee who worked in the records department numerous times, and she did not respond. By Sunday, he was fed up, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Butler slipped on a ski mask and hood. He went to the victim’s work area, grabbed her by the throat and said, “Shut the f—- up before I kill you right here,” police said.

Realizing that other hospital employees saw the incident, Butler reportedly ran off, only to return minutes later without the mask and hood to “rescue” the woman. 

He was no Clark Kent, however, and his alleged plot was quickly thwarted.

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