Get Your Dim Sum on in Chinatown!

It may not be on the same level of popularity as sushi -- at least on this side of the world -- but dim sum has its fair share of fanatics.

Think of dim sum as light appetizers that are steamed, baked or lightly fried, and traditionally served along with Chinese tea.

The most famous, and arguably the best spot for dim sum in Chicago is at Phoenix Restaurant (2131 S. Archer Ave.), located in Chinatown.

How popular is it? Check out the long lines stretching down Archer Ave., especially on a Sunday.

According to owner Eddy Cheung, the restaurant offers more than 50 different types of dim sum.

The Web site says that the chefs were trained in Hong Kong, Toronto and China, lending an authenticity to the dining experience.

Check out for a list of Chinatown restaurants that offer dim sum.

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