Everybody Must Get Stoned

Relax, unwind and get pampered with Trump’s gemstone massages


We’ve got a lot going on -- work is non-stop, our significant other is breathing down our neck and on top of it all, now we’ve got to make more time in the day to tweet and update our Facebook pages. Bottom line, we all need a breather.

That’s what the Spa at Trump was thinking, so they've whipped together a spa treatment that will unwind and distress your crazy life. And of course, if it’s going to be associated with the Trump brand, it’s got to be crazy-good.

It’s called the Signature Gemstone Treatment, a 90-minute massage featuring precious gem-infused oils for the ultimate in ridiculously luxurious pampering. There's four gem options to choose from -- diamonds, emeralds, rubies or sapphires, and each concoction of gem-infused oil is also spiked with rare flower and herbal essences to seal the deal.

The gem-infused oils are said to contain the healing benefits of each stone, creating all sorts of benefits like an uplifted inner self, tranquility, wisdom and inner peace, blah blah blah.

No confirmation on if the Sapphire massage really does make you smarter, but we can tell you this -- 90 minutes of being rubbed down in a dimly-lit room by some of the city’s top masseuses can only lead to a better self, no?

Kim Peiffer is the founder of http://glowlist.comThe Glow List, an online magazine dedicated to fitness, beauty, diet, spa and travel.

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