Ice Cream for Jewelry

Intricate charms make this necklace a treat to wear

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SUGAR FIX: Ice Cream necklace with intricate silver charms by In God We Trust means you can celebrate your passion for your favorite treat without seeing it the next day on your hips. Available at Eskell; 1509 N. Milwaukee Ave; 773.486.0830 or online

BOOBY-LICIOUS: We’ve all been sized up before, but this gives the term a whole new meaning. Isabella Fine Lingerie’s expert “Boobologist” will measure you for bras this weekend, so you can be sure you’re putting those puppies in the right bra. You can even get measured online.
RUFFLE-TIME: Plain is out. So we’re lovin’ the layers of sexy woven box pleats on this Catherine Malendrino merino ruffle boustier. Pairs perfectly with jeans or a dressy pair of pants to take an outfit to the next level. Available at Shop She Boutique.
REASON TO BUY: Shop Laura Mercier products at Neiman Marcus and get this badass gift when you spend. Yours with any $100 purchase from Laura Mercier. At Neiman Marcus.
WHATTA STUD: Studs, leather, and boots; three trends for fall squeezed into one hot item. The Panthea Studded Suede Cuff Booties will help you strut your stuff around town this fall. Just be prepared to garner a little extra attention. $380 from Intermix.
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