Fluent Stash

Keep your friends close and your toiletries closer

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John Hancock

ORGANIZATIONAL GENIUS: Keep your goods up close and organized with a die-cut fluent stash. Made from 100 percent recycled felted wool with three folding side pockets and a zip-secured mesh pocket, the fluent stash can be hung from a hook or shower rod. $80. Available at Connect, 1330 N Milwaukee Ave; 312.890.3684 or online at www.nau.com

STORE WITHIN A STORE: On September 15, for 15 days only, Diesel’s younger, hipper streetwear clothing line will set up shop inside Diesel. 55DSL will sell 15 must-have men’s pieces for Fall. Sept 15-29 at Diesel; 923 N Rush St; 312-255-0157.

CLOSING SALE: We’ve heard about an awful lot of stores closing lately, and another one of our faves is turning in their key. Hejifina will pack it in at the end of the month, but you can score super discounts on men’s and women’s clothing, artwork and more until September 27. Hejifina, 1529 N Milwaukee Ave; 773-772-0002.
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