Five Reasons to Visit the New Barney's

Barney's opens bigger Chicago location

Most women would consider the term "doubling in size" as the worst insult possible. But the opposite holds true for Chicago's recently-opened and pleasantly plump Barney's New York store (15 E. Oak Street). The expanded digs are getting fashionistas all hot and bothered.

There's a million reasons to love it, but we'll spare you the novel and give you the top five, courtesy of

  1. You can't get lost looking for it. Not only is it a massive, six-story monstrosity, but it's right across the street from its old digs. No way to miss it; and you can stop in after your Core Fusion class at Exhale or finish up after an afternoon tea at the Peninsula down the street. (We mean, in a dream world ... or for those of us who have lives, stop in on your way home from the office or sneak a peek during lunch!)
  2. Double the space means triple the shoes. Don't we all love shoes? The new shoe salon is 4,000 square feet and features even more styles of our favorites from Louboutin, Balenciaga, Givenchy and so many more. Carrie Bradshaw would have a heart attack in here.
  3. You can nosh in style without leaving the building. An afternoon of shopping with friends followed by a little lunchin' is an ideal Saturday. Fred's, their new penthouse-style restaurant, offers a little bit of everything. An outdoor terrace that faces Lake Michigan, a cheeky bar, a climatized wine room and a menu with such delectable dishes as artisan pizzas, fresh pastas and salads makes this place seem like heaven in dining form. With a restaurant and shopping all in one place, you'll start wondering if it's possible to rent living space here. There’s no need to ever leave the building!
  4. Did we mention six floors? The new store is 90,000 square feet. Need we say more?
  5. Barney's offers complimentary personal shoppers for those looking for a little somethin’ extra. Want assistance putting together your entire wardrobe? Done. Overwhelmed by the massive amount of space to explore and need some time-saving expertise in any area of the store? Mais, Oui! Added bonus: use a personal shopper and you will be pampered in a residential-style suite with a lounge and private fitting rooms. Meanwhile, their in-house concierge handles your restaurant reservations, car and courier services and hooks you up with ticketing for music and sporting events. A new wardrobe and primo pampering? We like it!

Kim Peiffer is a fashion contributor for, a local online magazine designed exclusively for, by and about the cosmopolitan woman.

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