Final “City Desk” Airs Sunday

After 57 years, the final episode of the Sunday morning staple "City Desk" airs this weekend.

"City Desk" tackled the city's toughest issues over the years, putting local newsmakers in the hot seat for a long-form interview.

Mary Ann Ahern and Carol Marin will host the final episode on May 17 at 9:30 a.m., with a look back at the legacy of "City Desk."

"It was a grand opportunity to hear from Chicago's newsmakers unfiltered in the longest running locally produced program on Chicago TV," Ahern said. "From Len O'Connor to Dick Kay, it was a high privelege to share their seat."

"City Desk has been an institution, a political destination, and a Sunday morning viewing tradtion across the Beaver Cleaver 50's, the tumultuous 60's, the Nixon 70"s, the Reagan 80's, the Clinton 90's, into the 21st Century of the most radical political change since John F. Kennedy with the election of Chicago's own Barack Obama," Carol Marin said.  "City Desk was where politicians came to explain themselves, pitch their vision, and defend their failures.  It was was heaven for us reporters.  It was an honor to be among its moderators and to share it with names like Len O'Connor, Dick Kay, and Mary Ann Ahern."

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