Packers Whip Bears, Bears Whip Locker Room Wall*

Encouraging news for Lovie Smith: apparently Chicago hasn't given up on the season despite laying down in Green Bay Sunday. Visible proof: somebody put a hole in the wall of the visitor's locker room and all signs point to a Bears player.

Okay, it's circumstantial at this point, but Green Bay CSI is on the case. And by "CSI" I mean "the same dude responsible for washing all the Packers uniforms and cleaning up the locker rooms after games."

All that's known is the hole wasn't there following the previous home game on Oct. 19 against the Indianapolis Colts, but it was there after the Chicago Bears vacated the room following Sunday's 37-3 victory by the Packers.

"There is a hole in one of the walls of the visiting locker room," said Aaron Popkey, the team's manager of corporate communications. "We're not certain how it occurred, but it would appear it took place over the weekend."

Luckily, no one was injured and Popkey, between changing loads of laundry, made it clear that "the appropriate repairs" will be made and the locker room "will be ready for the next home game on Nov. 30 against the Carolina Panthers." Disaster averted.

Actually, the Green Bay Press Gazette's Rob Demovsky writes that the Packers were unconcerned about the fist-sized hole, presumably because they were still basking in the 37-3 whuppin' they put on the Bears. And frankly, I'm guessing not a week goes by where some juiced up*, meathead is still a little amped after the game and starts whaling on the first wall he can find.

That said, Brett Favre would've never let this happen on his watch.

* speculative

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