No One Steals Balls More Consistently Than Paul

The crowd immediately knew what had happened.

Late in the first half of the Hornets' game against the Spurs, Chris Paul broke an NBA record by grabbing a steal in his 106th consecutive game. It happened on a play where he and Rasual Butler trapped Tony Parker, and when the ball was knocked loose, Butler made sure that Paul would be the one to grab it, and thus, the record that had been held by Alvin Robertson since 1986 was broken.

The crowd immediately knew what had happened, and rose to their feet to deliver a standing ovation that lasted well into the next possession, even before they were notified of the feat by the arena's announcer.

If you're thinking that a consecutive steals record isn't really that big of an accomplishment, well, you need to think again. Besides the fact that Paul broke a record that had stood for almost 22 years, all you have to do is look at the next closest active player on the list to see just how ridiculous it really is. That player would be Rajon Rondo, who has recorded steals in a whopping ... 22 consecutive games. Which means he'd have to go more than an entire 82-game season with a steal in every single game just to get to where Paul is now. And by the looks of things, there's no indication that CP3 will be stopping at 106.

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