Bite Me: Slow Cooked Pork Belly

One sixtyblue offers perfect warm weather appetizer

Like a doting momma, just wants to feed you. Bite Me is our twice-weekly look at the most succulent dishes Chicago has to offer. Read on, eat well.

Pork belly is one of those "it" items of the moment for the city's most adventurous chefs. If you've been thinking about taking the leap, one sixtyblue's slow-cooked version is the perfect entry point. We spoke with Chef Michael McDonald about his mouthwatering dish.

What's in it?
Danish pork belly with Asian pear, jicama slaw, and a tangerine reduction. It's seasoned with a spice mixture (fennel, coriander, cumin, mustard seeds, cinnamon), drizzled on a reduction of tangerine juice, sugar and champagne vinegar, salted, and slow-cooked in a 300-degree oven for 4 hours. After it's cooled, McDonald slices it and serves it on top of jicama, carrot, Asian pear and fennel slaw drizzled with some of the reserved tangerine reduction.

Suggested pairing:
2007 Dr. Thanisch Bernkasteler Badstube (a German Riesling)

The chef says:
"The combination of the fatty pork belly, the acidity of the tangerine reduction, and the crunchy, refreshing slaw that cuts through all the richness of the dish is awesome for the warm weather. I just think it's a really tasty and satisfying thing to eat."

How much is it?
$12 (appetizer)

one sixtyblue, 1400 W Randolph, (312)850-0303. VIEW FULL MENU

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