Don't Make These 5 Home Selling Mistakes…

1.) DON’T List Without Quality Photos
Nearly nine out of ten home buyers start the process by looking for listings on the Internet. And you know what they want to see? You got it – Photos. The better the photos you have of your property, the better it shows to all those online house hunters. Include pictures in every web listing you have and on your MLS listing. Your listing agent will be able to take care of this – but make sure they get professional shots and use as many as are allotted.

2.) DON’T Disregard Lowball Offers
Yes, it may be a bit insulting to get an offer several tens of thousands of dollars below your asking price. But look at the potential here – you have an interested buyer. And chances are that buyer is looking to negotiate. In a market where buyers compare your price with short sales and foreclosures, it’s not surprising their offers reflect those numbers. Don’t be offended, just counter and explain you’re not competing with distressed property prices. Relay the benefits of buying a home that’s not in a short sale or foreclosure situation, and why that is worth a higher sale price – Better property condition, proceedings won’t get caught up in bank approval, room to negotiate repairs, etc.

3.) DON’T Hold Off on Essential Repairs
If there are repairs and replacements you know are issues with the home (especially those you can see), don’t wait for the buyer’s home inspector to point them out – fix them beforehand. Not only will buyers respond better to a home with no visible problems, but you’ll have time to shop around for the best deal on repairs or do them yourself. Otherwise you may have to deduct the cost from the selling price or provide credits for the new owners to get it resolved themselves.

4.) DON’T Have an Inaccessible Home
How are you supposed to sell your home if buyers have trouble getting into the home to see it? Trying to schedule showings can be time-consuming and inconvenient for both sellers and buyers. A simple solution is to put a lockbox on your door. That way Buyer’s Realtors can access your property at any time. Don’t worry, the electronic key is only available to legitimate Chicago MLS members or to Buyer’s agents who receive the code from your listing agent.  

5.) DON’T Misrepresent Your Property
False advertising will get you no where with buyers, except maybe in the dog house. It is common practice for listing ads to highlight a home’s best features and play up the “spaciousness,” “generous closets,” etc. But don’t over-exaggerate and definitely do not lie or doctor photos. Misleading information will not be appreciated by buyers and could spark distrust. Those who genuinely like your place may be too worried about other unscrupulous actions on your part to move forward with an offer or purchase.

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