Derrick Rose Makes Us Very, Very Happy

Without doing one of those "What We're Thankful For" posts about the world of sports, it goes without saying that there is very little to be thankful for in Chicagoland sports these days. The Bears are ugly bad, the Cubs and Sox both flamed out long ago, the Blackhawks are fun but not enthralling, Notre Dame can't beat a 31-point spread and the area's college basketball teams (not to mention Illinois) leave much to be desired.

Regionally, hopes are pretty much that Luke Harangody and Kyle McAlarney are as good as advertised. Other than that, Chicago sports are struggling.

Except, of course, for one big, bright shining star. You already know who we're going to name. Derrick Rose.

In case you didn't see last night's Bulls-76ers game, fortunately, ESPN has some highlight footage. You should probably watch this. Immediately.

Amazing, right? Derrick Rose has played exactly 17 games for the Chicago Bulls, and he has been bloody impressive in almost all 17. Here's what's even more impressive: As of yet, Rose doesn't really have a consistent jump shot. This has led teams to sink way off of him, giving him a foot or two of space and challenging him to take a shot. This is preferable to getting blown by for two points, or a dish to a wide open shooter, every time down the floor. And even giving him all that space, Rose has still found ways to get around defenders, to challenge them, to bring them back out of their defensive crouch for just a split second before doing exactly the thing he is not supposed to be able to do -- get to the rim. For a great example of this exchange, watch last night's crossover on Andre Miller again. And again. And again and again. It never gets old. Trust me. Just keeping watching.

The Bulls are decidedly mediocre, and have a lineup filled with fringe players that John Paxson probably should have traded years ago. (Remember when Luol Deng was untouchable in any trade for Pau Gasol? Sheesh.) All things considered, the Bulls should not be exciting. But thanks to Derrick Rose, they are.

That's something to be thankful for. Cliche, sure. But thankful all the same.

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