Tattoos, Art and Dope Gear

Code of Conduct opens in South Loop

Get inked and shop in the same spot.

A little more than a week after opening in the South Loop, tattoo shop Code of Conduct (14 East 11th St) is becoming a destination for artists, BMX kids and musical types who all want to experience this unique concept.

At first glance, co-owners Ryan Lange and Rebecca Cairns couldn't appear to be more different. Lange is essentially tatted from head to toe while Cairns claims to have a couple of not-readily-visible ink spots -- but it was their common vision for underground art and retail that brought them together.

The space itself has a modern barbershop feel with raw steel and finished wood, and was created to feel like a place you can hang out and lounge in.

The front living room is filled with comfy couches, music and games for those who wanna chill, and those getting tatted can meander over to the custom-built library with books for client inspiration, or pick up an iPad for quick image searches before you get inked.

Hang out long enough and you might run into the likes of Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson or Chuck Inglish from Cool Kids who are already noted fans of the store.

The retail side of the space boasts a line of necklaces, hoodies, earth-friendly boxed water, tees, accessories from Right in the Family Jewels, bags and watches from Nixon, glasses from Von Zipper and the coolest custom-designed suitcase iPod speakers from the third owner, Floyd Davis IV.

So yes, like any business, they're in it to make money, but spend some time with the creators of the space and they're likely to spend more time talking about their merchandise that supports a non-profit for children in Northern Uganda.

When it comes to the cut-throat business world, that's definitely what you'd call disorderly conduct.

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