Louboutin Capsule Collection Comes to Chicago

Neiman Marcus gears up for a well-heeled bash

Getty Images

Carrie Bradshaw is sitting somewhere right now, drooling.

So it every other woman in Hollywood -- or Peoria for that matter -- because shoe designer Christian Louboutin has created a special anniversary capsule shoe collection in honor of his 20th anniversary.

But unlike a coveted Hermes Birkin bag, you can actually get your hands on a pair, even if you’re not Demi Moore. And you can preview the new collection at a special event at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue.

On March 15 from 5-7pm, stop by the store for Louboutin Lush cocktails and a whole lot of red-soled shoes. The enture capsule collection, which includes 20 limited edition styles with special labels and packaging, will be available at the store.

To rsvp, call 312.642.5900, extension 4005.

After all, it’s a great excuse to fawn over the new styles, even if your paycheck can't cover the cost for any of them.

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