Chris Brown “Kiss Kiss” Goodbye His Condo

If you heard a collective cheer in West Hollywood recently, it was most likely the tenants in Chris Brown's former condo building celebrating after the R&B singer and songwriter vacated his apartment

For months, Chris Brown reportedly waged an all out war with the tenants in his West Hollywood building. Brown is said to have infuriated his neighbors by parking his multiple luxury cars in handicapped parking spots, blasting music all hours of the day, and racing dogs (yep, you heard right, dogs) in the building's hallways. TMZ even reports that the cops were called to the high-end building after "someone" carved "C.B." on the elevator door back in June. 

Brown is packing up his luxury digs, his swanky cars, and racing dogs and likely decamping to a home with a bit more privacy, less tenants, and soundproof walls. However, the twenty-two year old hasn't cut ties completely with the condo--he hasn't even sold, or even officially listed, the unit yet. 

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