Climate Change, Climate Change, Go Away


Meet the Chicago Climate Action Plan: a fabulous, flexible, long-term plan unveiled by the Daley Administration last week that outlines how the city plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the onset of permanent climate change in Chicago. From the Climate Change 101 section of the website:

The CCAP outlines 26 actions to reduce greenhouse gases and nine actions to prepare for climate change, helping the City, residents, and businesses reduce greenhouse gases by 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. The Chicago Climate Task Force, in consultation with hundreds of stakeholders, recommended these actions for the City of Chicago and every Chicago business and resident.

The plan is considered a “roap map” of sorts. The proposition on how to tackle the 34.6 million metric tons of greenhouse gases that Chicago emits each year is divided into five strategies: Energy Efficient Buildings, Clean and Renewable Energy Sources, Improved Transportation Options, Reduced Waste and Industrial pollution and Adaptation. The plan also calls for residents and businesses to contribute in small, but effective, ways.*

Dozens of researchers have been doing their homework on the potential effects of inaction – on our city’s climate, infrastructure, ecosystems, resident health and well being – with pages and pages of fact sheets, predications and other reports, grouped together for your perusal. To read the Chicago Climate Action Plan in its entirely, download the full report here. [PDF]

* Memo to the lady in our office building that always flushes the toilet twice: ARRRGGGG! WHY?

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