Chicago's Best and Beefiest

It's burger time

Chicago loves beef.

That's probably why Chicago Magazine had to include 30 varieties of beef in their burger round up for the September issue.

The mag catalogues what they consider to be the top-30 pieces of meat in the city and surrounding area, and even if there are some grumblings about what the list leaves in the fridge, and which burgers shouldn't be anywhere near the grill, there's bound to be some consensus on some of these Windy City locales.

Getting the big prize this year is Northbrook's Prairie Grass Café's which features a blue cheese and grilled tomato topped sirloin burger. Following close behind is the hamburger from Hot Chocolate whose small stature reportedly packs a giant taste up on north Damen.

Then of course the list has the centerfold stars you know just from their photos, like one of the whopping masterpieces from Kuma's Corner and the gloriously greasy foil-wrapped Five Guys bacon cheeseburger.

All in all the rankings give out thirty suggestions for your next burger attack, and some are bound to surprise you, whether it's a place you didn't expect would serve a burger (like the classy Joe's Stone Crab) or a place you wouldn't expect to be on the list at all.

Still hungry for more burger listings?  Check out the full list in this month's Chicago Magazine, or go to their Web site to get the chance to vote for your own favorite. Or tell us what they're missing in the comments section below.

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