Chicago Burlesque Shows Worth a Peep

Most people wouldn't dream of discussing a trip to the strip club in polite company. Certainly not at work, where it could result in a quick trip to HR.

But there's something different about burlesque. It may be like the folks who say they read Playboy for the articles, but there really is something kind of artsy about burlesque.

Sure you see plenty of skin, but we're not talking about the Full Monty here. And the sleazeball factor is considerably lessened at one of the shows, with females as likely to be in the crowd as males.

Chicago's Michelle L'Amour is probably the most popular local burlesque performer, but there's plenty of other places to peep a show in town.

Red Hot Annie, a former hot dog vendor who used to sell -- you guessed it -- Red Hots -- is also starting to make some noise on the local burlesque scene. Here's some more we found in a quick search of the Web:

 Check out some additional listings on Centerstage.

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