‘We're Not Animals': Calumet City Mobile Park Residents Plagued by Water Problems

Water problems are plaguing hundreds of people in Calumet City.

Residents told NBC 5 Friday their water supply is at risk – and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Residents who live at the Park Harbor mobile home park received notices saying the water could be shut off Friday night.

Carla Benson is panicked and fed up with the living conditions.

"Just please somebody help us," she said. "All I want is somebody to help us."

Benson has lived in the Calumet City mobile home for one year.

She’s depending on bottled water because she says she can’t rely on her faucet.

"We are human beings, we aren’t animals," she said. "Even animals have clean water. So I don't know, I don’t know what to do about this."

A month ago she and hundreds of others lost their water supply after the property owner failed to pay the bill.

But that’s not the only problem plaguing this park.

Several pipes are broken, causing standing water and raw sewage in yards and streets, activist Andrew Holmes said.

"It has gotten worse," he said. "The pipes have not been fixed, water is shooting up. And it’s going to get cold. And the raw sewage is still coming up in the trailer homes and outside the trailer homes."

Holmes is doing what he can to get action from the landlord, city and now the state.

“I’m going to Lisa Madigan’s office and if we have to shut this whole area down, because of what’s out here and the elements on the ground, then it’s a health hazard to me and I’ll try to find some places where they can stay,” he said.

Other residents say the living conditions continue to get worse and they see no help in sight.

Concerned for their homes and health they’re begging for a resolution.

“If we could afford a better place to live, I would but I can’t," Benson said. "So what are we supposed to do about this situation. I don’t know."

NBC 5 reached out to the mayor, the water department and the landlord for the property – who is based in Utah, but the calls were not returned.

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